HI! ★


I'm Ashley and I am the designer, maker, stamper, packer, administrator, tea maker and chocolate eater for Lottie & Grey.


I started the plans for L&G back in 2017, but didn't officially launch until January 2019! During this time there was a lot of planning, practicing, mistakes, lessons, late nights, and LOTS of fun designing!


Sounds cliche and predictable, but I loooooove jewellery. The Lottie & Grey collection are designs I wear myself daily. The pieces I make are specifically designed so they look beautiful on their own, but can be layered for an edgy, bold look.


I only ever source materials from within the UK so I know I'm giving my customers the highest quality materials and of cause supporting our own economy! I try to use packaging that has been or can be recycled so rest assured when you buy from Lottie & Grey you're supporting good things too!


I have absolutely LOVED the L&G journey so far, I wouldn't be here without your support so I just want to say a massive thank you!!!


Love, Ashley. X